I have a passion for my work. Fiber is a flexible, textural medium creating undulating, tactile sculpture. My source of inspiration begins with forms occurring in nature. I am intrigued by my surroundings, the contour of a tree or rock, an outline and color of a single flower, repetition of water breaking on the shore, or patterns left in the sand. At times there is a word that sparks the creative process for a sculpture, joining text and thoughts with nature and the natural weaving material.

I continually explore form and structure with the twining technique. The predominately chosen natural fiber, date palm seed frond, is a strong textural material with varying earth-tone colors. Painted canvas is interlaced for additional color. There is a sense of completion as my work transforms unique parts of nature to a new interpretation.

Featured in Art and Artist in San Diego Home and Garden Magazine, July 2010 issue

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